Wrist Training and Measurement: For the first time ever, we can now precisely measure and train wrist angles for every shot with every club anywhere. Think about it as understanding and coaching the clubface, because how the lead wrist performs during the golf swing directly controls the clubface. K-COACH is the tool that lets us measure in 3-D and then train with biofeedback.

“This is the future of golf instruction. Whether I’m working with a beginner or a club player, K-Coach allows me to build on my teaching principles with objective 3-D measurement for faster improvement.

Wrist Angles
Bend, Side Bend and Rotation of Pelvis and Torso
Body Ranges of Motion
Kinematic Sequence
Multi-Swing Summary
Report With Averages and Standard Deviations
3D Real Time Animation
Efficiency Summary
Build Programs From Over 300 Activities
Use 40 Pre-built Programs
Automated Program Building
Coach Every Shot in the Bag
Setup for Every Club
Dynamic Motions
Golf Training Programs
Movement and Fitness Training Programs
kcoach eval tool
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