San Carlos Golf Instructor Launches New High Tech Stroke Evaluation Service

San Carlos, CA – Balbi Golf, an innovative and forward thinking golf training company, is proud to announce the latest addition to their program, the K-Coach Swing Evaluation Tool.

The K-Coach Swing Evaluation Tool is a revolutionary step forward in providing feedback and helping golfers to improve their swing. The tool enables the staff at Balbi Golf to precisely measure and train wrist angles for every shot with every club anywhere. As every golfer knows, how the lead wrist performs during the golf swing directly controls the clubface. K-COACH measures and identifies the wrist position in 3-D and then helps to train the golfer using biofeedback.

The full benefit of the K-Coach Swing Evaluation Tool is hard to explain in words, which is why David Balbi, the owner and founder of Balbi Golf, has created an informative, video to demonstrate the many benefits of this new tool fully. It is this kind of attention to detail that sets Balbi Golf apart and is the reason they repeatedly receive positive feedback and testimonials from delighted customers. Click here to watch the video and it is easy to understand the many improvements it would bring to any players game.

“Golf is a game that can take a few seconds to understand and a lifetime to master,” said David Baibi of Baibi Golf. “Learning to play golf is a skill in which even the smallest change can make a huge difference, and sometimes the naked eye is unable to fully appreciate the flaws in a player’s stroke. The K-Coach Swing Evaluation Tool brings so many positive benefits to the table and allows both the coach and the player to understand the complexities and faults of their swing. Once those faults have been identified, we are able to work together to rectify the problem.”

At Balbi Golf, clients benefit from the enthusiasm and the experience of a personal expert coach. David is knowledgeable, inspiring, and fully committed to helping every player achieve their golfing goals.

David makes the impossible possible, by redefining players swing using the latest in diagnostic and training technology together with leading-edge brain training technologies.David is a member of the PGA Quarter Century Club, recognizing PGA Members with 25 years of continuous membership. For more information about the company and the various services that they provide, visit their website at

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Tsunami Bars for increased golf swing speed and more distance

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Tsunami Bars for increased golf swing speed and more distance

Now anyone can benefit from Tsunami Bar® technology and Swing Balance™ products! Golf enthusiasts like yourself have multiple options to choose from:  Purchase equipment for your personal use; undergo online training programs and certification; participate in group training sessions, and/or sign up for individual instruction where you will have the opportunity to train with our expert instructors and engage in golf specific workouts.

For more information go to and find out how you can improve your swing speed

Tsunami Bar

Add FocusBand mental training to your golf instruction program

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The 3 Most Common Mental Game Problems


Excessive worry / anxiety


Time traveling to future or past


Not knowing how to get better



Real-time audio-visual NeuroFeedback to measure and train the mental process.


A Tour proven, guided shot routine
to accelerate the learning process.


Digitizes the blueprint experience and guided shot routine simultaneously with audio-visual NeuroFeedback.

For more information about FocusBand, call me at 650-595-2748, or schedule an appointment HERE

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Custom Club Fitting in San Carlos

New Club Champion location opens in San Carlos.

If you are interested in exploring custom clubs and wonder if they can improve your game, there is a new facility in town that specializes in custom clubs. With over 300 shaft options to test, you can be assured that you are getting the largest number of shaft options available anywhere.

If you are interested, call Tim Katen at 650-453-3062 and tell him that you are a Balbi Golf client.