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This Mental Trick will Take the Pressure off your Short Putts!

by | Mar 29, 2023 | Golf Tips | 0 comments

I’m really looking forward to sharing this 
little putting tip with you today, because,   over the years, it’s helped 
my short putting so so much.  So when it comes to these 4,5,6 foot putts,   you feel the pressure as a teacher. I know that I am not alone. Every golfer, well most golfers, do not like these short putts and it just doesn’t look good when these things don’t go in.   Furthermore, it hurts our score. So, this little 
mental tip, this visual tip, has helped me to hole so many more putts than I would have holed. I 
do the following. I concentrate beforehand as well as I can on the speed.

That’s why I do my practice swings first while looking at the hole.   This is not the tip by the way. Then I align my putter as well as I can to the starting point.   In this case it will be slightly left 
of center, but not the left edge.   And now comes the tip: OK, after I’ve aligned 
myself properly, I see the point, I see the hole.   And now, when I look at the ball, I 
don’t only see the point on the hole,   I see a massive circle around the hole. 
And I can now see a big hole of blue water.   All I am going to do now is put into this massive 
blue hole. Which means I can’t miss! One has to be   careful though – after one’s aligned oneself 
correctly, that one doesn’t move the putter.   OK, that’s perfect. I see the point. Now I see 
this massive blue hole of water. Why water? I do not know. It just relieves me now. I don’t have 
any pressure anymore. And I just putt this ball into the water and big surprise, the ball has gone 
into the hole.

It might sound a bit silly to you, but it works, so give it a try.


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